How to care for hair

Big and graceful hair has always been an indicator not only of beauty, but also of health. To achieve an ideal state, you need to consult a specialist - only he will be able to choose the good and the right remedies suitable for your hair type. But you can monitor hair at home, so let's look at how to properly care for hair.

hair wash

Before you start to wash your hair, you need to comb your hair with a comb or massage comb. This will help get rid of dead cells and improve blood flow to the head. Next, moisten the hair with water, the temperature of which should not be higher than 34 degrees. Then apply the shampoo, distributing it over all the hair of the head, and rub it into the skin with light movements.

After rinsing with water, repeat again. To give hair splendor and well-groomed shape, use balms. Dry your hair with a towel without massaging it between your hands, as this has a bad effect on the color of the hair and leads to its cross section.

comb the hair

Owners of long braids should start combing their hair from the ends, making a bun, and then proceed to combing the upper part. Medium hair needs to be combed from above, gradually moving to the ends. Wet hair is not recommended to comb at all - as they are badly damaged. When the hair is dry, use special products.


To preserve the beauty of the hair, it is better to dry it naturally. Unfortunately, this is not always enough time, but to make volume or curling, you need to use a curling iron, hair dryer and other devices. How to protect hair from negative influences? When drying with a hairdryer, it is recommended to use thermoprotective agents that will save not only the hairdryer, but also curlers with curling irons from the dangerous effects. Do not forget that when styling the hairdryer should be kept no closer than 25 cm from the hair.